Babysitting Club

Are you a member of the local community and would like regular babysitting service?

Joining the Babysitting Club you are able to pre-purchase Babysitting Coupons in packs of 5 or 10 and use our express form for simple and easy bookings.

The benefits of joining the Babysitting Club is receiving discounted Booking Fees and having a regular babysitter for you and your family 5-10 times a year. Babysitting bookings can be used anytime and has no expiry date.

For members of Sapphire Coast Nannies we believe that consistency is important and we will match your family with two Babysitters so that they are known to your family and known to your children. We believe that continuity is important and so seek to establish ongoing relationships between our babysitters and the families. We believe in developing our relationships with families in our community with our Babysitting Club services.

Sapphire Coast Nannies has a streamline express booking process. Please use our Express Booking Form when you next need a Babysitter.

Become a Babysitting Club Member today!

Steps to become a Member:

  1. Fill out and submit our Family Registration Form. Each member will be provided a Membership Number to use in their bookings.
  2. Pay a one-time Registration Fee of $75.
  3. Purchase Booking Coupons.

Please note the Babysitting Club can only be used for registered family only. If additional families are joining the booking this will be charged at normal casual rates and will be deucted off your coupons purchased